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Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT) are a unique method of weight-bearing reflexology which is briefly applied to the dorsal feet and hands. It was discovered and developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 29 years and her accredited classes have been taught to over 10,000 reflexologists internationally. The success of VRT resulted in an award from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) for its ‘Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine’ in 2011. Lynne was awarded the prestigious ‘Excellence in Reflexology Innovation’ Award for 2018 by the Association of Reflexologists.


Covid-19 – Has caused cancellation of RAoR Conference and Australian Workshops

Australian RAoA Conference 16-18th October 2020
Pre-Conference VRT Workshop Details

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Wednesday 14th October -VRT Basic and Advanced Fast-track

Thursday 15th October – VRT Reflexology and Movement

I am delighted to be invited to be a keynote speaker at this conference. I will also be running 2 Vertical Reflexology classes before the RAoA conference in Sydney as follows:

FREE Hand Reflexology Video Sequence for those living with Dementia

Treating a person living with Dementia

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Giving hand reflexology to person living with dementia

Two years ago I received a literally touching reflexology Christmas “gift” from a client living with the later stages of dementia.  I shared this story and in response filmed this short training video that is accompanied by an article I wrote for the Association of Reflexologists which describes tips and techniques that anyone can use on the hands of someone living with dementia. I hope that therapists, families and carers may wish to learn this simple, but profound, way to communicate and comfort via hand reflexology and VRT Nail-working techniques.

“I have been giving reflexology to Mrs Y, a client in her late 80’s, for several years and communication is now almost impossible. Last year, during a hand session, Mrs Y suddenly took my hand and began to give me reflexology. She walked her thumbs back and forward across my hands exerting pressure and stimulating every centimetre, just as she had experienced with me. Despite her extreme cognitive impairment she had observed and registered these moves and wanted to help me. This continued for 5 minutes until she had worked both hands and I asked a carer in the residential home to take this photo. Mrs Y is now very fragile and much more withdrawn but two weeks ago she took my hands and tried once more to press and work all the reflexes! I was so moved and, as I thanked her, she raised her head and looked me in the eye and gave a most lovely smile. She then retreated back into her quiet and confused world. To me this was a real Christmas gift”.  Lynne Booth

Read Lynne’s article on Dementia below:

Reflexology and Dementia; tips for therapist and carer support   Reflexions December 2014: the membership journal of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)

VRT Reflexology and Movement with founder Lynne Booth comes to Bristol on Monday 11th May 2020 (last few places left) and London, Hampstead NW3 on Sunday 6th September 2020 . Book on-line now!

To watch FREE training videos for Relieving everyday stress and tension and for help with a Crying baby  plus illustrated instruction sheets scroll down or  click here. For a longer introductory clip of the 60 minute VRT DVD and further details please click here

Reflexology Retreat in the Spanish mountains – April 19 -25 2020.

FULLY BOOKED. Email direct to be put on Waiting List.

Spain Equilibrio Reflexology VRT Retreat on Improving Function and Managing Pain
April 19 -25 2020.  For full details see:

Join a wonderful holistic reflexology retreat in an acclaimed venue in the mountains of Southern Spain. Lynne Booth is the main presenter and will be joined by expert tutors in Nutrition, daily optional yoga sessions,and massage during the week. £795 per person all inclusive but flights and transport are extra and  booked separately

Excellence in Reflexology Innovation Award

Lynne Booth is delighted to announce she has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Association of Reflexologists  ‘Excellence in Reflexology Innovation’ award for 2018. This is a peer-group  nominated and selected award.

Teaching News

For all VRT classes click here.  Classes below with Lynne Booth for 2020

VRT Basic and Advanced Fast Track  (1 place left!)
Bristol on Sunday 1st March
London, Hampstead NW3 on Saturday 5th September
Australia, Sydney on Wednesday 14 October

VRT Reflexology and Movement
Bristol on Monday 11 May
London, Hampstead NW3 on 6 September
Australia, Sydney on Thursday 15 October

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I attended this amazing Reflexology and Movement class with Lynne Booth and I now have an added dimension to my treatments. She taught us techniques to prevent recurrent muscular niggles and to accelerate recovery from musculo-skeletal issues.  Easy to use for self-help. Brilliant! Claire Fisher

Lynne Booth recently taught the Reflexology and Movement in Minutes Class, as well as the Basic and Advance Fast Track VRT class in Provence, France  on 22nd and 23rd September in the beautiful region of Drôme Provençale north of Avignon. 

Thank you for all your inspiration over the years. I have found VRT a wonderful tool throughout my 22 years of practice and , indeed, my lovely clients have received the benefits.It has been a pleasure to have done some of your courses with you and to have known you in person.    B.S

Discover the flexibility of VRT : everyone can benefit regardless of age or their condition as they can be treated in a seated, reclining or standing position. Learn techniques to support all your clients including babies, sports-persons, octogenarians and all conditions.

More VRT Reflexology and Movement Classes will soon be announced for 2020. This class is for qualified reflexologists, but no previous VRT experience is necessary, as this particular day offers a focused introduction to the VRT mobilisation techniques and other specialisms based on previous the VRT Sleep, Pain and Mobility classes that we have taught for many years. Once trained, reflexologists are encouraged to share these techniques with their clients by giving them 5 minutes of “homework” to use on themselves daily between appointments.

Excellent feedback regarding well-being, increased function, pain decrease and relaxation from these VRT techniques are now all combined in one class. Profound techniques for all ages and conditions with protocols for sport injury, babies and children, older people, palliative case, dementia and sleep issues. Approved for 12 CPD points by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and VRT classes are recognised by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) for 6 CPD points and other international training organisations.

Upgraded VRT Day Class   VRT Basic and Advanced Fast Track . This is our original  acclaimed classic VRT class which was upgraded five years ago and  offers every qualified reflexologist the opportunity to learn in detail the core VRT repertoire and has been developed over 20 years.  Techniques taught include working the hands and feet together as Synergistic VRT, Zonal Triggers plus a repertoire of advanced techniques including working the neural pathway reflexes, the calming, reclining Diaphragm Rocking for sleep and a short, simple lymphatic drainage technique, plus much more to enhance your practice.

The above two classes may be taught in a two day block or often separately.  Please contact us direct is you are a group of 10 plus reflexologists wanting to learn VRT as we can sometimes offer a bespoke class. The website is often updated so please check for current classes.

Helpline: Pendant alarms Today in the UK, one in two people over the age of 75 will suffer a fall each year. This means that, sadly, the chances of this happening to a disabled or older person  living on their own are extremely high. Helpline provide pendant alarms so that a person can press a button 24/7 and make contact with the helpline personnel who will immediately respond and organise immediate help and intervention.

Click here to read Lynne Booth’s Helpline Blog on how reflexology can also help support older, vulnerable people.

Special Offer! Best-selling VRT books – acclaimed DVD – A2/A4 foot and hand charts.
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Selection of articles published by Lynne Booth  

Sleep Issues and Diaphragm Rocking from the VRT Repertoire   A recent article published in Reflexions – the journal of the Association of reflexologists.

Reflexology’s supporting role for complex combat injuries  Positive Health Issue 226 February 2016  Read about reflexologist Zoe Warner’s inspiring Therapies4forces charity.Vertical Reflexology and Healthy Aging –  Reflexions December 2015: The western world is experiencing a ‘Silver Tsunami’. Older does not mean infirm! Reflexologists have a positive role to play in helping seniors maintain their health in later life
Reflexology and Dementia; tips for therapist and carer support   Reflexions December 2014: the membership journal of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)
Sport; Touch line reflexology for sports injury  International Therapist Issue 111 Winter 2015: The membership journal of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
Reflexology can help Sleep Issues 
Positive Health Issue 220 February 2015
plus 15 articles by Lynne Booth. Click here for full list.

VRT Newsletter Archive:  a great new reflexology and VRT resource. Hundreds of articles and information now available! Accessible by publication date and by article subject matter.

Testimonials and comments on VRT classes, achievements and comments positive feedback and experiences to share.

Taking Reflexology to the next level by Allison Walker – Principal of  Contemporary Reflexology College:  describes how she, and some other teaching organisations, had become increasingly concerned by the falling and varying standards of reflexology training in the UK.

Reflexology is an ancient non-intrusive complementary health therapy dating back 5,000 years, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg and hands correspond with different areas of the body. VRT is an acclaimed award-winning newer form of reflexology that has been taught internationally to thousands of practitioners.

The Booth Method of VRT (also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy) is a form of reflexology where the hands or feet are worked in a weight-bearing position for short periods, providing an intensive level of treatment that can aid general well-being, relieve tension in the body and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body. Lynne has also been two awarded Honorary Fellowships from the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) for her services to reflexology.

For information on research and small studies that has been undertaken relating to specific Vertical and other Reflexology conditions, please click here for VRT/Reflexology Research.

Lynne Booth was the Reflexology “Expert Columnist” to the internationally recognised journal Positive Health for many years. Click here to read articles on how reflexology can be applied to support a variety of health situations.

Over 10,000 reflexologists worldwide are currently trained in VRT, having attended authorised VRT Courses, while simple self-help VRT tools can be easily and quickly used for beginners.

If you are a therapist interested in VRT accredited courses, please visit here.

If you are interested in booking a VRT/reflexology session with a qualified reflexologist/VRT practitioner, please visit here.

Free videos:

Crying Baby?  –  gentle reflexology techniques to help soothe your infant.

Click here for a free illustrated step-by-step instruction sheet to accompany the video.

Click here for article on Reflexology for Children and Babies by Lynne Booth, regular “Expert Columnist” for Positive Health journal.

Relieving everyday stresses and tensions – Classical & Vertical reflexology calming self-help techniques.

Click here for a free illustrated step-by-step instruction sheet  with specific reflex points indicated to accompany the video.

Click here for article on Reflexology to help with Stress issues by Lynne Booth,  regular “Expert Columnist” for Positive Health journal.