The Gift of a Hairbrush

In these incredibly difficult times of pandemic I am reminded of that familiar but profound quote:“Every day is a gift. That’s why we call it the present”.  I recall  the puzzling occasion when I arrived to treat a lively older client, Mrs H, and she thanked me for the gift

What can a rugby player’s foot teach us about the pandemic? The fallout from Covid-19 has forced us to make major changes to the way we approach our reflexology practice. This prompted me to look back at an early lesson I learnt in my career as a reflexologist. A sports

“We are all striving for improvement. Is not being open to change more important? Without change, there can be no improvement”.This quote comes from “Collected Treasures” by Hanne Marquardt, the inspirational reflexologist who has challenged and changed reflexology practice for the better and to whom I dedicated my book,Vertical Reflexology

As a reflexologist in a residential nursing home for over 25 years, I work with many older people who are dying but had never had feedback before. A client, in her late 80’s, had been in the last stages of life for 36 hours and was sleeping deeply with no

The Kindness of Strangers

The great cry is always that “time is money” and yet it so important to focus on giving out as well as receiving. We never know when an act of kindness will have a long term effect. In fact, many years ago broadcaster Kate Adie wrote her autobiography which was

Many years ago I was on a long haul flight to Australia for a teaching tour and the sleeping passengers were awoken to the lights coming on and a baby screaming. Reflexologists have wonderful transportable, readily available skills to offer with no equipment necessary and I have always felt that

A Christmas Gift

A literally touching moment with a client, in her late 80’s, in the late stages of dementia: I have been giving Mrs Y reflexology for several years and communication is now almost impossible. Last year, during a hand session, Mrs Y suddenly took my hand and began to give me