VRT Tutor Suzy Jacops

Suzy is a Belgium reflexologist and teacher who became interested in foot relaxation classes in 1998. She then graduated in a Foot Reflexology diploma course in 2000.

Suzy then started her own therapy business in the practice of Jan Willem Verschroeven, an osteopath and physiotherapist. Since 2007 she has her own practice in Dilsen, Stokkem. She has developed her reflexology knowledge by attending classes with Dwight Byers, Tony Porter and Lynne Booth.

She has also studied Precision Reflexology with Jan Williamson, Cranial Sacral reflexology from Dr Martine Faure–Alderson, Traditional Chinese and Thai reflexology plus 5 elements and Chinese Tui-na techniques.

Suzy took a further two years of study of Nerve Reflexology by Nico Pauly with Griet Rondel.

Suzy teaches foot reflexology in the famous Wellness Academie in Hasselt, a school that teaches courses on health, wellness and beauty.

Suzy teaches VRT across Belgium and the Netherlands