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VRT Reflexology
Course with Lynne Booth in Southern France in April 2024

I am delighted to be teaching my Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT) in France again with organiser Sophie Bosc in the lovely Le Cabanial, Occitanie region (nearest airport: Toulouse). Do join me for this accredited weekend course and earn new, easily assimilated techniques, to accelerate the healing response of your treatments. Ease pain and mobility issues, target priority reflexes for intransigent issues and enhance every treatment.
2 days of accredited CPD/CEU self-paced study with many step-by step practical lessons and theory. See 3-minute video introduction.
The aim of this VRT Course is to enhance your reflexology practice by introducing brief techniques on the dorsal foot and hands at the start and finish of your classical treatments. VRT is suitable for all ages and can be adapted and applied to the reclining, seated and standing client with no increase in appointment time.
Organiser contact: 
(+33) 06 31 57 10 49)

For general information about other VRT courses, see below for VRT Basic and Advanced course syllabus.

VRT Courses in Eire

Britta Stewart Dolan, VRT tutor for Eire and N Ireland. Britta has been a VRT tutor for over 20 years. Here is Britta giving a quick impromptu demonstration of VRT  Diaphragm Rocking at a conference in Limerick, Eire! 

VRT Courses in Hasselt, Belgium

Suzy Jacops is our long-standing VRT tutor for Belgium and Holland.  She will be teaching VRT Basic and Advanced  classes in 2024.

VRT Courses in Belgium with Suzy Jacobs 27-28 April 2024 and 23-24 November 2024

Lynne's part in an acclaimed Flash Mob advert at Terminal 5, Heathrow!

Lynne writes: On my way to teach VRT in Denmark I heard fantastic singing and music in the Arrivals Area. It was the surprise filming of the, now famous, 3 minute T-Mobile Flash Mob “Life’s for Sharing”advert. A wonderful experience for passengers, pilots and taxi drivers etc! All the musical notes are made by Voices not Instruments! Over 100 singers and dancers took part. 

Lynne Booth interview for the AoR website

In February 2020 Lynne Booth was interviewed by Kate Mulliss at the Association  of Reflexologists (AoR) office for their website.  She discussed her reflexology journey and research surrounding the discovery of Vertical Reflex Therapy and demonstrates some of the VRT Reflexology and Movement techniques. 

Useful Covid-19 Awareness Course

This free 2 hour CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) AWARENESS COURSE is delivered via Skills for Health and is a most informative 2-hour class for all therapists. It offers guidance from one of the key on-line providers of healthcare on infection, hygiene regimes, reducing risk in the work environment. A Certificate of completion is available.