VRT Hand and Nail-working with Endocrine Issues

Vertical Reflexology Technique (VRT) was originally developed to help mobility issues but has subsequently proved successful in treating most health problems in an holistic way.

All other VRT classes advertised are approved for 14 AoR CPD points with Certificate of Attendance. VRT classes are also recognised by the FHT (6 CPD points)  and other international professional bodies as a professional training qualification

Please note that one of the following ‘Initial Classes’ must be attended before enrolling on this or any other VRT class Basic VRT, Basic Fast-Track VRT and VRT Reflexology and Movement in Minutes.

This Advanced VRT Hand and Nail-working Course with Endocrine Issues is for reflexologists who have already attended an authorised  VRT course and are familiar with the techniques and principles of VRT. The full syllabus is listed below.

This course allows the therapist to explore new areas of reflexology using the recently documented reflexes within the zones on the nails. The hands are just as receptive as the feet, although the reflexes can take longer to register.

Hand reflexology can be used at the start and finish of a classical reclining treatment. You can mix-and-match hand and foot reflexology for greater results. Be flexible with your reflexology techniques and learn to make the most of the foot and hand reflexes.


VRT Courses cost in the region of £145 per person, per day depending on location and organiser.

At the end of a VRT one-day course the reflexologist can immediately integrate VRT into their practice.

Course Content

  • Brief introduction to conventional relaxation hand reflexology techniques.
  •  Practical sessions for specific mini-treatments – VRT Endocrine Flush and Endocrine Balance.
  • Stimulation of the pituitary reflex using the extremely powerful and unique “VRT Nail working”.
  • Basic VRT treatment for Hands – sequence.
  • Working individual weight-bearing fingers.
  • Precise reflex working on the grid reflexes on the thumbnails.
  • Working on the secondary helper nails and connecting techniques to dorsal reflexes.
  • Whole Body Brush and Diaphragm Rocking.
  • Introducing and combining VRT foot techniques on the hands
  • Specific treatments for common ailments: Stress and anxiety, ear issues, stress related digestive disorders.
  • Powerful self-help techniques for therapists, clients, family and friends.
  • 20-minute comprehensive VRT hand treatment.
  • Brief introduction to conventional hand reflexology relaxation techniques.
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued. Approved by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) (12 CPD points)

Please note these are occasional specialist classes and are only intermittently available.

Disclaimer: These reflexology guidelines, Vertical Reflexology (VRT), Reflexology and Movement in Minutes (R-MM) techniques or advice do not replace professional medical treatment. Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy that promotes well-being and relaxation and may be used, in that context only, as a means of supporting any medical condition. Any health issues, acute or chronic conditions, should be presented to a qualified medical practitioner. Booth VRT Ltd accept no liability for damage of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from the application or use of information on this website and it is presented on this understanding. VRT, The Booth Method and Vertical Reflex Therapy are all trademarks.  The VRT charts are copyright of Lynne Booth. The Reflexology and Movement and Mobilisation in Minutes is part of the VRT protocol.