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    This website contains information about all aspects of Vertical Reflexology with detailed pages on the individual courses we offer. If you wish to email us with comments about the books, DVD or other queries please send to

    If you’d like to share your Vertical Reflexology successes, please email us your VRT case study, or email us to ask for a case study form to print off.

    Please do not send emails requesting specific help for individual conditions or illnesses, as we will not be able to respond. If you have any medical concerns, you must consult a qualified medical practitioner first for a medical appraisal.

    When you consult a complementary therapist it is important that a person’s case history is taken, and the reflexes on the feet are worked by a qualified practitioner before general health advice can be given.

    For appointments, please refer to Find a VRT Practitioner which lists registered members of the VRT Network.