Vertical Reflexology

Vertical Reflexology Book

mtiymdazmzg3oaThe original Vertical Reflexology – by Lynne Booth best-selling book, reprinted several times, is published by Piatkus Books. This book describes revolutionary reflexology techniques and originally featured  as one of 20 Daily Telegraph Complementary Therapy Books of the Year.

“VRT is a major milestone in the development of reflexology”
Anthony Porter, Director, ART.

The book contains nearly 200 pages of:

  • Unique dorsal foot charts and conventional reflexology charts
  • Numerous step by step illustrations, VRT techniques and treatment descriptions
  • Advanced techniques described and illustrated in detail
  • Case studies
  • Self-help and Hand Reflexology chapters10. Standing foot
  • Tables of key reflexes to treat a range of health problems.
  • Basic, easily learnt, treatments and simplified foot charts to enable carers, clients, family and friends to use VRT in between professional treatments.

This book became a best seller in under a year.

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