Vertical Reflexology DVD

Learn acclaimed VRT weight-bearing reflexology hand and foot techniques directly from the originator, Lynne Booth. Discover quickly and simply how to help yourself and others with this easy to follow reflexology technique. Read the DVD review.

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This is one DVD you have got to have in your collection, a first class production.”

—- Reflexology World, International Journal. 2009

No other video on the market compares to Lynne Booth’s DVD….I found the audios and visuals to be excellent.”

—- New York State Reflexology Association Journal. 2010

Please view this introduction taken from the VRT DVD which gives a brief overview of the scope of the topics covered.  The DVD itself contains full step-by-step instructions for self- help and for working on others.

60 minutes of high quality detailed instruction for:

  • Suitable for everyone who wants to learn brief simple VRT techniques for family, friends and self-help
  • VRT Practitioners as a Refresher course
  • Reflexologists and all therapists who want to learn VRT


  • Introduction to VRT and relaxing classical reflexology techniques
  • Introduction to Basic VRT Foot techniques
  • Advanced VRT Foot techniques including Diaphragm Rocking
  • Basic VRT Hand technique and self-help lesson for hands
  • “Complete” VRT sequence using all techniques
  • Summary and further information

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