Vertical Reflexology

Japanese REFLE Diploma Course

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAspects of the VRT repertoire covered, Basic, Advanced, Endocrine and Hand and Nail techniques over a period of weeks.

REFLE School of Reflexology, Japan

The JapaneseReflexologistEducationCollege known as REFLE which is owned by the large Hospitality Inc. company of Japan and led by principal Kazuko Sasai. Lynne Booth has personally trained the VRT tutors in Tokyo.  The reflexology school is situated in a five storey purpose-built building devoted solely to the training of reflexologists.

 Japan Synergistic VRT

Lynne Booth with REFLE tutors in Tokyo  January 2005  (PHOTO)

The REFLE school where Lynne taught has three dedicated reflexology schools in Japan in Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

Japan is one of the leading exponents of reflexology and sets high standards among its highly trained therapists.  To make contact with the REFLE school or find a VRT Diploma student in Japan please click here.