VRT Reflexology and Movement 1-day Course

The VRT Reflexology and Movement course is open to all qualified reflexologists
and does not require prior knowledge of VRT. See full course content below.

“I attended this amazing Reflexology and Movement class with Lynne Booth and I now have an added dimension to my treatments. She taught us techniques to prevent recurrent muscular niggles and to accelerate recovery from musculo-skeletal issues.  Easy to use for self-help. Brilliant!”                                                                                                                                      Claire F   

Approved for 14 CPD points by Association of Reflexologists (AoR) with Certificate of Attendance. VRT classes are also recognised by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) for 6 CPD points and other international professional bodies as a professional training qualification.  Cost £145 – some regional variations depending on organiser.

This class offers an innovative one day VRT training that combines 25 years of traditional Vertical Reflexology Techniques mobilisation techniques with many other innovations from VRT classes to take VRT to new levels of expertise and innovation and much more.  Other VRT techniques are taught to complement classical reflexology. See full syllabus below which includes Sports Injury and Maintenance, Children and babies, Older people and Dementia techniques plus a powerful holistic protocol. It has a universal application for all ages/conditions from elite sports-persons to palliative care situations incorporating subtle body, limb or foot movement on reclining, seated or standing clients. 

“So grateful and pleased to take the VRT Movement in Minutes Course with Lynne Booth today!  Amazing results in our class and I can’t wait to share these new techniques with clients!”  Donna-Michelle, Canada

See a short video demonstration of the versatility of the VRT Reflexology and Movement Techniques. 

Specific reflexes on the hands or feet are stimulated as the client is directed to subtly move a specific limb or part of their body for a few seconds. The profound VRT nail-working techniques will be taught plus the Better Sleep / Relaxation Protocol  with reflexology exercises for the hands.

VRT Courses cost in the region of £145 per person, per day depending on location and organiser arrangements. Book here

1-day VRT Reflexology and Movement Course Content

  • Vital Reflexology Techniques and Movement: a five minute revitalising booster using a specific set of core VRT  reclining and weight-bearing techniques which can be incorporated into your classical sessions.  Hand and foot reflexology is utilised plus VRT weight-bearing and reclining techniques or for First Aid.
  • Mobilisation warm-up protocol for elite and amateur sports-persons to ease pain and increase function. Acclaimed VRT weight-bearing and movement techniques to target the Sciatic/Hamstring/Piriformis and Psoas muscles/Lower lumbar spine, Groin & Hip Flexors and Head & Neck reflexes plus the unique VRT Wrist Twist technique.
  • Working children and babies – subtle, short effective techniques.
  • Working with older people – adaptive VRT mobilisation techniques.
  • Soothing techniques for Palliative Care situations using hand reflexology with the option of short but profound gentle nail-working techniques for living with Dementia. Both protocols can also be shared and taught to family and carers.
  • Refine your skills and enhance your practice with Better Sleep / Relaxation Protocol for the hands and feet suitable for self-help and supporting others.

Please note: If you have previously attended the VRT Sleep and Mobility or VRT Pain and Tension classes you may be familiar with some of these mobilisation techniques that have taught for over 25 years by Lynne Booth. Attendance of the VRT Reflexology and Movement class also offers powerful new innovations involving motion, VRT and Nail-working as well as opportunities to refresh some previous VRT skills.

Main learning outcome

The main learning outcome is to train qualified reflexologists to incorporate a wide range of Reflexology and Movement in Minutes techniques developed from the Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) repertoire into their classical practice. Specific reflexes on the hands or feet are stimulated as the client is directed to subtly move a specific limb or part of their body for a few seconds. These techniques are suitable for all ages and conditions and were developed on chronically sick older persons in nursing care but are now used in supporting elite athletes in their training programmes. The profound VRT nail-working techniques will be taught.


Attendees will be able to immediately incorporate the above VRT Reflexology and Movement skills into their practice. They will be equipped to gently offer profound and effective advanced reflexology using 3 Nerve Reflexes, Sciatic, piriformis and psoas, reflexes from the Manual-NeuroTherapy repertoire of Mr Nico Pauly plus other reflexes to support musculo-skeletal flexibility. Weight-bearing reflexology is taught ranging from standing positions, to reclining palliative care situations plus seated clients and small children. Attendees can offer extensive self-help protocols to clients and also use the Reflexology and Movement techniques on themselves.


Disclaimer: These reflexology guidelines, Vertical Reflexology (VRT), Reflexology and Movement in Minutes (R-MM) techniques or advice do not replace professional medical treatment. Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy that promotes well-being and relaxation and may be used, in that context only, as a means of supporting any medical condition. Any health issues, acute or chronic conditions, should be presented to a qualified medical practitioner. Booth VRT Ltd accept no liability for damage of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from the application or use of information on this website and it is presented on this understanding. VRT, The Booth Method and Vertical Reflex Therapy are all trademarks.  The VRT charts are copyright of Lynne Booth. The Reflexology and Movement and Mobilisation in Minutes is part of the VRT protocol.