Vertical Reflexology

VRT Basic and Advanced Fast Track One Day Course

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Learn a wide combination of Basic and Advanced award-winning VRT techniques which can be immediately integrated into your practice.

This  concentrated “fast track” VRT Workshop, for qualified reflexologists, covers the background to the discovery and development of Vertical Reflex Therapy and Synergistic Reflexology. After one day the practitioner will be able to fully integrate the VRT techniques into their practice. VRT techniques are very versatile and are usually applied for a few minutes at the beginning and end of conventional reflexology sessions. It can also be used in its own right as 5-10 minutes First Aid, shorter sessions for older people and children, for sports injury and for hand reflexology. VRT can be used to help to support all conditions and musculo-skeletal issues usually respond particularly quickly.

  • Lynne Booth was winner of the Association of Reflexologist’s
    Excellence in Innovation Award 2018
  • VRT was Highly Commended for its Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) in their 2011 Awards

VRT Courses cost in the region of £120 per person, per day depending on location and organiser.

At the end of a VRT Fast Track one-day course the reflexologist can immediately integrate VRT into their practice.

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Course Content

  • Practical sessions throughout the day where the basic concepts/techniques of VRT are learnt.
  • Effective Synergistic Reflexology technique where hands and feet are worked simultaneously.
  • Self-help and acclaimed Diaphragm Rocking techniques for hand and feet will be demonstrated and a comprehensive handout, with charts showing new reflex points on the dorsum will be provided. The handout includes brief guidelines for supporting sub-fertility, chronic fatigue, bowel issues, breathing & joint issues and stress/anxiety. Guidelines for specific mini-treatment practice i.e. asthma, irritable bowel etc are included
  • The theory of Zonal Triggers and three-point Synergistic Reflexology will be shown and practiced including the advanced stimulation of the neural pathways using the VRT-Nail working techniques.
  • All VRT techniques can be applied to the hands including the effective “VRT Knuckle Dusting” Technique.
  • Combined Diaphragm-Rocking and Lymphatic stimulation (Dirkx method).
  • Metatarsal Pressure – unique method of combining VRT and the brief working of the plantar. Weight-bearing pressure is exercised using the ball of the foot.
  • Hand Reflexology in weight-bearing position will be briefly demonstrated.
  • Details of to the small medically monitored study on VRT will be referred to. In this 1998 study over 60% of participants showed a remarkable improvement in seven weeks.
  • Variations of VRT may be used on young babies, small children, older people and immobile clients.
  • A 20 minute comprehensive VRT/classical treatment will be demonstrated and practiced.
  • At the end of this course, therapists will be able to immediately integrate VRT into their practice.

Vertical Reflexology Technique (VRT) is a very brief reflexology treatment on the weight-bearing feet or hands, and is now used extensively by thousands of reflexologists internationally. Exceptional results may possibly be obtained, often in a few minutes, when the easy to learn VRT techniques are applied to the dorsal reflexes.

The anatomical explanation for VRT’s efficacy is that the nerves on the passive feet are naturally desensitised but, when weight-bearing, these nerves become sensitised. It is therefore suggested that the sensitised reflexes may appear to send a stronger energetic healing impulse to an organ, gland, muscle or skeletal system.

VRT enhances your work and can be incorporated into your usual full-length treatment sessions without extending the time. It enables you to also offer effective shortened treatments, combining your reflexology and VRT for children, babies, the workplace, hospices, residential homes, sports clinics as well as for family and friends.

In a small medically approved VRT study on pain and mobility over 60% of participants showed a remarkable improvement in seven weeks. In a VRT workplace study, all clients showed an 80–90% improvement within four weeks.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued. Approved by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) (12 CPD points)

After attending the VRT Fast Track course, you are eligible to attend all other VRT courses in any order.

Participant feedback:

I began using VRT the day after arriving home from the class. Thank you again, Lynne, for a life changing 3 days with you.

Kennita Thatcher

I work with your wonderful VRT methods a great deal in the Hospice where I offer complementary therapies twice a week and also at a local MS support group. It is ideal as often time is limited or it is inappropriate for a client / patient to receive a long session. I have even offered the ‘sprained ankle’ treatment to a jogger I came upon who had just suffered a bad sprain & was trying to find a suitable stick from the woods, with which to get home. I managed to persuade the lady to ‘work around’ her wrist for a few minutes with VRT techniques, after which, to her complete amazement, she was able to partially weight-bear.

Jenny House

I have always enjoyed the lectures that you hosted, they were so well organised and interesting as well as enhancing my practice. I wish you all continuing success with VRT and many thanks.

Margaret B

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