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Lynne Booth Videos and Interviews

Lynne Booth interview by Kate Mulliss for the Association of Reflexologists  (AoR) website. February 2020

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Lynne Booth talks to Tracey Smith of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) about working with VRT for older people. Lynne taught an one day seminar at the CBI building in London in 2012.

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Lynne Booth is interviewed by the AOR for their Expanding your Horizons series on the subject of Working with Older Clients. September 2023

Sam Belyea of the Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute, USA interviews Lynne Booth in this podcast – April 2018

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David Wayte, Principal of Jubilee College, interviews Lynne Booth. March 2020

Lynne Booth presents at short notice for Sue Ricks’ UK Reflexology Conference in March 2018. Subject: Comparisons between her clinics for professional footballers and for chronically sick older people.

VRT and Reflexology Photos

Children of all ages respond well to Reflexology and VRT  

Pre-match reflexology with Championship Football Club

VRT Tutors: Karen Newton, Anne Brunton, Chris Roscoe, Jane Chamberlain and Lynne Booth.  Bristol   

Lynne Booth and Allison Walker, Principal Of Contemporary Learning College

VRT Reflexology weekend  at November 2018. near Toulouse organised by Sophie Bosc.


To left: Aliki Vythoulka, VRT tutor for Spain and Greece on a teaching weekend in Bristol.

Lynne Booth, Sally Kay, Carol Samuel and Judith Whatley at FHT presentation at Coomb Abbey, 2011

Lynne at Waterstone’s Bookshop, Liverpool for Christmas Book signing and talk.2000

Filming for the DVD at the Old Vic Theatre school studio in Clifton, Bristol.

Vintage photos from 2003! President Dwight Byers, of the International Institute of Reflexology, practising VRT and accepting his VRT certificate from Lynne after attending a 2-day class in Orlando, Florida.

Dwight Byers is the nephew of Eunice Ingham who is considered to be the Mother of Reflexology.  Ingham’s work and research created modern Reflexology from the 30’s onward. Dwight has carried on her teachings for over 50 years.

Barbara Scott, principal and founder of Reproductive Reflexology, and Lynne Booth. Great camaraderie at the UK Reflexology Conference 2018!

VRT weekend in with Lynne Booth in Paris. organised by Lilian Gautheron

VRT weekend in New York with Lynne and VRT US tutor Florica Radu. NYRSA (right of centre)

Nico Pauly teaching Nerve Reflexology in Bristol for the first time in . He has made over 25 visits since to teach the Diploma classes and Upgrades.

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