Testimonials and comments
from qualified reflexologists who
have attended VRT training courses

Reflexologists have attended over 10,000 accredited Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) course places during the last 24 years. In 2018 Lynne Booth was awarded the “Excellence in Reflexology Innovation award” by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) following a peer-group nomination and  vote. In 2011 VRT was given a Highly Commended Award for its Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM).  Here is a selection of comments by qualified reflexologists regarding their VRT course experiences. Individual results may vary, and these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Booth VRT accept no liability for damage of any nature resulting directly or indirectly from the application, or use of, information from this website. Please see Testimonial and Legal disclaimer for full details.

Every person quoted has supplied full name, address and contact details 

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The day simply sped by. Your presentation is relaxed and well balanced and you are so very generous in sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I have attended quite a lot of post grad. reflexology courses over the past few years, and I must say that yours are the best in every way.

Debra S


Thank you for all your inspiration over the years. I have found VRT a wonderful tool throughout my 22 years of practice and , indeed, my lovely clients have received the benefits.It has been a pleasure to have done some of your courses with you and to have known you in person.



Lynne, I am sure you’ll see me in one of your classes in the future.  I love your teaching style and respect the work you’re doing.

Angie C, New York


It was a great VRT group.  I began using VRT the day after arriving home from the 3-day class.   I have been starting each session with VRT and I am hearing from the clients that the overall relaxation is greater during a session and more energy later on.  I have had the opportunity to work with clients, family and friends and love using VRT.   Thank you again, Lynne, for a life changing 3 days with you. 

Kennita T


 I attended this amazing Reflexology and movement class with Lynne Booth and I now have an added dimension to my treatments. She taught us techniques to prevent recurrent muscular niggles and to accelerate recovery from musculo-skeletal issues.  Easy to use for self-help. Brilliant!

Claire F


Might I just take this opportunity to say what a most fantastic day I had on the basic VRT course in Bristol. The workshop left me completely enthused and inspired. I came away feeling I had retained all the information and the main message I came away with from the day was what a powerful tool we possess and how effective it can be in helping many people. Thank you very much

Lucy S


Thanks to Lynne for a really useful, enjoyable and hospitable workshop. The day was packed with information and the handouts will be invaluable as a resource. I now have even more tools to use for clients in pain.

Chris L, Wotton Under Edge


I look forward to another fascinating year of articles and letters in your VRT membership newsletter.  You provide such value for money

Margaret B, VRT Practitioner and Network Member


I think your VRT courses are always worth attending. The work you do is exceptional, professional and above all inspired.

Hilary M,  North Bristol


First of all I would like to thank you for the fantastic time I had during the two days of VRT courses.  I have learned so much more than at any other course.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Elena Y


Many thanks for a super workshop. VRT is alive and constantly evolving.  From my viewpoint, adding in the VRT techniques has almost doubled the value of my treatments, in that there is virtually no situation where I can’t give effective reflexology quite often with instant results.  I use the hands a lot more now, particularly with synergistic work.  I did some VRT quickies in a yoga class recently with people who had over- stretched necks and shoulders.  At the end of the class, 2 people made appointments.  It doesn’t replace classical techniques, but gives a tremendous boost to them and is great for demonstrating your skills in talks and first aid when you’re out and about.

Annie Z


The VRT workshop was fantastic. Please do pass on my thanks to Lynne for sharing such a revolution in advanced reflexology. Since attending your VRT workshop my passion for reflexology has been rekindled. I found your knowledge. combined with the clearly tangible proof of VRT’s effectiveness. very impressive. The results are so much quicker than conventional reflexology.

Vanessa B, Edinburgh


I want to tell you that I enjoyed the VRT day and your ‘no nonsense’ approach to reflexology.  You gave us all a starting point with VRT and I,  for one, am finding it particularly useful with my clients and I will experiment some more. Thank you so much for a wonderful day – we enjoyed the St Monica trust venue as well.

Alison G


I would like to thank you once again for a fabulous 2 days. The teaching, course content, venue, food and company were all excellent andI am now offering all of my clients VRT. The diaphragm rocking in particular, is proving popular.

Wendy R


Thank you for your inspiring course. It is so easy to overwhelm with information and techniques. Yours was the right amount of information to leave us feeling empowered at the end. Your commitment and enthusiasm also infected us all.

Jane G, Ipswich


Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of VRT. It is like opening a door into new healing processes. Who knows how far we can go by helping the mind and body help itself?

Stephen H


Thank you for your good sense of humor, thorough professionalism, clear VRT presentation, and wonderful company.

Sylvia M


Fabulous video’s ( Crying baby & Stress) on the home page of your VRT website. I absolutely love the music you used in these videos. Is it possible to let me know what it is & / or where I can purchase it.  Answer: Tell me I’m not dreaming

Jenny H


Thank you for the informative and wonderful VRT Members’ newsletter!

Claire H


Thank you for the fantastic 2 day course at the St Monica Trust. I’ve been using VRT on nearly all my clients and seeing spectacular results. Thanks to you and your excellent training.

Sally K


I would just like to say – thank you so very much for the VRT Basic course that I attended on 5th November in London.  It was fantastic – and very inspirational!

Alison J


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the VRT Basic & Advanced  with VRT tutor Britta Stewart Dolan  She is a beautiful person with a kind and passionate nature.  She presented the workshops with passion and dedication which made the whole learning experience more enjoyable.

Sharon J,  Eire


I would just like to thank you for the course you ran in Belfast, I really enjoyed it and found it very informative and I have already begun to integrate it into my reflexology practice.The course could not have been more clear and you are a wonderful tutor and mentor to those of us early in our reflexology careers!

Deirdre D


Thank you once again for a fantastic VRT course, I really enjoyed it and came back buzzing with enthusiasm! Back to work tomorrow and very keen to use some of the new techniques I have learnt on my clients. I feel my confidence has been boosted to try new things to give the best possible treatment – thank you.

Hannah W


I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the VRT weekend, I learnt so much.  Also I really liked the way yourself and Jane Chamberlain taught and how easy it was to take in the information.  As we said at the time the atmosphere on the Saturday was great, I thought we were just lucky, and yet Sunday was also brilliant.  So, well done Lynne, it was a fantastic day, I wish you well and hope you make many more discoveries.

Beverley H


I have no background in reflexology but have  Lynne Booth’s Vertical Reflexology self-help book with great enthusiasm.  For some time now, I have been using the 5 minute basic treatment on myself and keep finding to my complete amazement that it is so powerful.

Feisal K


The VRT/ART weekend was so good it really was a good refresher as well aslearning a few new things.  I am now offering the 30 minute sessions to several of my clients who would normally only have a session monthly. They are now fortnightly and 2 new clients have taken up the 30 min sessions as budget is an issue with them.

Kathy F


Many thanks for your help.  I have so enjoyed your VRT books and DVD,  I have used the principles on myself and clients with wonderful results.

Barbara W


A note of thanks and gratitude for the excellent VRT workshop. I am happily exhausted from the last three days, and am looking forward to being able to work in the garden this weekend (not overdoing) thanks to the wonderful work you presented and shared. I am also eager to share this with others.

Chloe C-B


Fantastic two VRT days this week, I have had three clients following the workshops and put it all into practice and they were all pleased, as was I, with the results, I was looking forward to the VRT workshops now I’m very excited about putting it all into practice this week.  With all the work we did on each other I feel fab, whereas usually after a course I have a headache but this time I feel great.

Gill W


It was really good to meet you, and to say thank you so much for such an inspirational and interesting course, I can’t wait to start putting it into practise this week.

Lisa O, Herts


Thank you so much for the afternoon Lynne. I have seen a number of students and they really enjoyed it and said you were inspirational. I found it amazing and have been using the techniques on myself.

Liz H, University lecturer, London


Many thanks for  “Nailing the problem” article from the International Therapist journal –   I’ve found VRT Nail-working to be the strongest and most effective VRT of all!

Diana L


Thank you so very much Lynne for your compassionate teaching. I love your enthusiasm, intelligence, and intuitive work made available through these simple and powerful VRT techniques.



Thank you for such a fantastic training day, you and Tony Porter are tops as far as training days are concerned.  I really hope I can do justice to your wonderful techniques.

Harriet C


I just have finished watching your brilliant DVD. Your book is great and it was very practically written and easy to follow and learn. You have done truly a great technique which is practical and everyone can really use it instantly. Your DVD is really, really wonderful. The trees and the demonstrations outside is just lovely and fitting the foot so well, “roots” comes to my mind. Thank you for putting so much thoughts, passion and love into it. I have practiced 2 years of Hand Reflexology and had great results, I’m very encouraged now do the VRT hand techniques as well.

Ilse S  Germany


May I firstly say how much i enjoyed your relaxed and fun way of teaching, also how inspired I felt over your technique as a way to expand upon the basic treatment, simply fabulous. I have also taken aboard your comments regarding hand reflexology and have made it a priority to learn. which of course i am enjoying learning  – again, and excited to also be able to offer it as an alternative to those who are adverse to foot reflexology.

Jacqui O


Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send me the VRT sleep/hand rocking details.  Sleep is fine now, thank you. I can’t thank you enough for the therapy that I am receiving from you. Quite exceptional, and very beneficial.

J F, Bristol


Just to say how much I enjoyed the Basic and Advanced VRT courses that you taught in Lowestoft during April.  I learned so much, Lynne. You were so approachable, knowledgeable and informative and above all the courses were FUN!  Thank you so much.

Kay M, Suffolk


Thank you for an informative and wonderfully hands-on day. I will be putting all I have learnt today into practice so that I become as fluent in these new techniques as I am in the Basic VRT. Thanks for the wonderful VRT Advanced training sessions I recently attended; I’ve had good results with the extra techniques already.

Lesley O


Thank you very much for a fantastic course in Denmark.

Lise Borg L


Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed yours and Tony Porter’s two day workshop this weekend. I always come away from your courses feeling enthused and my techniques reinvigorated. You are both inspirational teachers and reflexologists.

Louise S


Thank you so much for such a brilliant day yesterday. As always I have come away inspired and with many new things to use with my clients. There was such a great atmosphere – I’m sure everyone enjoyed the day and found it valuable.  My back feels wonderful – it hasn’t been this good for a long time!! 

Jane C.  Glos.


Since attending your workshop my passion for reflexology has been rekindled. I found your knowledge combined with the clearly tangible proof of VRT’s effectiveness very impressive. The results are so much quicker than conventional reflexology.

Vanessa B,  Edinburgh


I just wanted to thank you again for helping to make the course so successful at the weekend.  I think it was the best reflexology course I have been on, and there have been quite a few.

Norfolk VRT Class feedback to organiser. Julie B


Thank you for such a wonderful course and I have already used the VRT techniques on clients which is great.  Will start to incorporate into my massage as well as fascinated by how it improves the range of movement!  Can’t wait for the next course!!

Samantha H


Just to say how useful I am finding it to offer VRT Hand reflexology with VRT nail-work. Being so much more accessible,  I have been able to use it in situations where working on the feet is not easy.

Janet R


I have been using your methods from your  book “Vertical Reflexology” and they are proving VERY effective and I love it.

Natasha S


I look forward to receiving the next VRT Members’ newsletter – it always brightens up the day and is a lovely treat to read at bedtime!!

Sarah C


Since doing the Advanced workshop my work has taken on a new life. Even only using the techniques when my clients are reclining has had quite an impact.

Thank , Cherel Sue Waters, for your wonderful VRT presentation and inspiration.

Anne H-F, Australia


Just a short note to thank you for last Saturday’s VRT course. I very much enjoyed being introduced to the concepts and will endeavour to implement them into my work from now on.

Thank you for your very clear and professional instruction and insight. Excellent.

Rowena C,  Dorset


Many thanks for the fantastic day in Honiton, really enjoyable.  I have had some good feedback from treatments I have done so far, and hopefully I will be able to attend more courses in the future.

Stella P, Devon


Please pass my best wishes and many thanks to Lynne for the recent 2 days of her basic VRT and advanced hand and nail seminars. They were such interesting, informative, fun and inspiring days.

Alice P


I would just like to say a big thank you for the one day course I attended yesterday at Raworth.  It was a real pleasure meeting with you and l found your work and you as a tutor, to be an inspiration – it was nice to see that you are down to earth and a credit to the books you have written.

Anthony C


Having just attended  a Basic and Advanced course  in VRT this weekend in Cambridge, I felt I just wanted to say how exciting the concept was and how well it was taught.

Sarah Y


You need to have the basic VRT to do the other courses Lynne and the VRT tutors offer. The real “magic” is in the advanced VRT.  I have done the basic, advanced and 2 master classes in older people in palliative care (including domiciliary visits, dementia and hospice work), and want to go on and do the hand and nail and endocrine courses, because I believe that they are cost effective courses that really give depth and flexibility to my treatments and a little bit of a wow factor from the clients point of view, which gets talked about and is putting bums in my chair.  They make me think “out of the box”.

Annie Z


Thanks for a wonderful VRT day. I know we all had a great and informative day. I attended another reflexology workshop at the weekend.   I was delighted to meet some of the some reflexologists who had been on your VRT course after I raved on about them.  More are on their way Lynne……we were all talking nonstop about VRT….. VRT rules OK.

Gloria  L


I could have easily sat and listened to you all day. I have already started using some of the VRT basic hand techniques you demonstrated.

Marcia S


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful VRT day yesterday, it was very informative, interesting & well organised even down to the lovely food & drinks, I couldn’t fault it.

Melanie T


I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from your 3-day course on VRT.  I came home feeling so self-confident and excited to practice VRT right away! Your class has so much balance of ‘just enough theory’ and loads of practicals which made it so interesting, fun and easy to follow.  I am truly honoured and feel blessed that I’ve learned the VRT techniques from you, who’s the originator and the master! It is a great inspiration to me

Socorro L


Just writing to congratulate you on the DVD. I thought it was really good. Very professional (but everything you do is very professional, and a joy to be involved with as a result), pretty to look at and very clear to follow. I was delighted to find new techniques that we hadn’t covered or I had forgotten in the courses I did (eg the Metatarsal technique). I encourage my clients to use self-help VRT, so I’ll be suggesting the DVD to them too.

Susan H


Many thanks for your newsletter which again is really appreciated, I must say your newsletter is more valuable that any other that I receive, or don’t receive, please keep up your good work and the information you impart in your news letter, which is extremely helpful and adds to our knowledge.

Sylvia W


I’ve had reflexology treatments before, but none of them have had such an immediate effect

The Scotsman 17.02.04


  VRT has been shown to amplify the effects of treatment and enable the body to balance and heal more quickly.

Nursing and Residential Care Journal   July 2005

This NYSRA sponsored VRT Workshop taught by VRT tutor Florica Radu in New York April 2010:  Without hesitation, I can say it was one of the most rewarding, amazing, logical and therefore simple course; very straight forward and uncomplicated.  I finished the course with a solid foundation of knowledge that allowed me to immediately incorporate VRT into my practice.  SR