VRT Online Basic and Advanced Course Testimonials.

Lynne’s VRT Basic and Advanced Course was, hands and feet down, the BEST online I have ever taken! Any reflexologist and their practice will greatly benefit from the techniques you learn in this course. I was able to implement my training immediately and my clients are already experiencing the benefits!  I loved the flow and diversity of types of information from text, to slides to videos and charts and books! This was perfect, kept my attention and interest! I am sad that it is over and am looking forward to Lynne’s next online class!      Amy M


I loved being able to take the VRT Course online. The information was presented in a way that made it so the new techniques could be easily learned and practically integrated into sessions. I enjoyed reading the case studies and listening to the discussions because they really helped me to brainstorm ideas for my own clients. I highly recommend taking this course! It will be a game changer for your sessions!      Elizabeth Corvese


This was a fantastic course, loaded with information & new techniques that were brilliantly relayed on-line. Jo K

I have recently had the privilege of reviewing Lynne Booth’s e-learning programme for basic and advanced Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) techniques. What an incredibly comprehensive and well thought-out programme it is.  I love the way she has integrated video, audio, text and quizzes to engage the learner and guide them through the programme.  There are also links to some very insightful articles that would prove extremely beneficial to experienced and inexperienced practitioners alike.  The wonderful technique that uses the weight-bearing hand and foot in a variety of different ways is both innovative and brilliant.  I have been using VRT for many years now and am pleased to say that I wholeheartedly back Lynne’s work and invite you to participate in this wonderful advanced programme of learning.                       Dr Carol Samuel PhD, FFHT, HMAR T/A Reflexmaster.


Thank you Lynne for putting this amazing VRT course online. I found the modules clear, informative and easy to follow, allowing learning to be done in your own time at your own pace.Your techniques and knowledge have been inspiring and has fuelled my passion for Reflexology. It has been exciting and rewarding to witness more instant and effective results, giving clients and myself a renewed sense of empowerment for our health and well-being.   Julie H


I found Lynne’s online Basic Advanced Fast Track VRT course excellent. It was the perfect balance of practical demonstration backed by theory. It was so well constructed and the detail and constant reinforcement of content throughout each module supported my learning perfectly.I found it easy to navigate. Content was interesting and the personal experiences linked to case studies gave interesting context. The handout was a great back up and the book a great resource. It’s so helpful to be able to rewatch the videos to check against practice.   Debbie F


I have thoroughly enjoyed the VRT course and many of my clients have benefited hugely from my techniques, many have said they have never felt so relaxed stood up!!  It has been great for shoulder and neck pain. It is good to put the techniques and knowledge into practice in short chunks and then go back to the videos to refresh my memory I would highly recommend this course to integrate in to your treatments.   Nicola


Thank you, Lynne for this incredible course; I look forward to incorporating VRT into my Practice. This has been a very easily understood, professionally produced course.   Ruth Cooper


I have thoroughly enjoyed learning VRT with Lynne and absolutely loved every minute of this course.  The video’s, helpful homework and quizzes are fantastic and a great way of keep us engaged..  The online course is set up so well and enables you to go at your own pace as well as go back over different aspects. I think VRT is such an amazing technique to have in your tool box as a reflexologist.  Thank you Lynne for all your research and wisdom.   GN


A very informative course that is well designed and thought out. I feel VRT will be a valuable asset to my reflexology. The Zoom meeting added the interaction bit to it for Q&A and it was nice to have that student and tutor interaction.   MC


Beautifully presented online course with a variety of learning ‘aids’ to help maintain focus. Love the slides and seeing your demonstrations. Clear, instructive, manageable and always placed in a working context, stressing the importance of wellbeing for both client and therapist. Sheila  Bryer

I really enjoyed this course as I can now incorporate these new techniques into my classical reflexology treatment.  Kate W


“A really absorbing, informative and inspirational online course.  I felt as though I was in the room with Lynne and loved her gentle encouragement throughout with a whole range of teaching techniques, worksheets and clear instructions for practical work.

The course guides you from the basic Vertical Reflexology techniques through to the advanced techniques gradually building on your confidence, knowledge and skills. It is really helpful to see the moves so well demonstrated with follow-along videos. The sections on Self-Help techniques and working on the hands are extremely valuable for many reflexologists wishing to offer extra support for their clients.

I was also very appreciative of Lynne’s ideas for adapting techniques for babies, children, older people and less mobile people. All reflexologists will benefit from taking the online course and so will their clients of all ages and abilities! 

Mary Atkinson, author, tutor, reflexologist. FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year 2020


I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have learnt a lot about VRT and how it can enhance all of my treatments.  It has given me more confidence in my reflexology skills in general and has reinforced the need to follow your instincts, adapting each treatment to the individual Vicki  


I would like to think that I was a good reflexologist before I learnt VRT, but I know that learning it has taken my confidence and my skills to a higher plane.  My passion for VRT makes it so easy to be very flexible in carrying out a treatment in awkward situations.  So, a big thank you is due to you for developing VRT in the way you have. No mean feat.  I hope to carry on learning from you for many years to come.   A Z


I work for a leading Cancer Charity in Northern Ireland.   The VRT course was so easy to sign up. The training met all my expectations, I feel inspired and have a fresh approach to incorporating more VRT into my cancer complementary therapy work.     Lorraine Brill


I just wanted to thank you for your course. I am reflexologist and have been a carer for 7 years and had to do countless online courses just to keep in employment! You have put all your points across extremely well including your videos, reading material and quizzes. This VRT training course is very professional and I found it amazing and such good value, it must have been very difficult and time consuming but end result is brilliant.   Jane E Swingle


The VRT Online Course was well put together and made learning this new treatment easy and fun! I enjoyed it very much.  Would highly recommend!     Mel


As an experienced VRT practitioner this course was still of great benefit. It served to refresh the techniques, some of which I had forgotten. It was also a timely reminder of the power and versatility of the therapy and has encouraged me to incorporate VRT more consistently into my reflexology practice.    Dot H


The course has been highly beneficial and very informative. It is well presented and easy to follow. It has improved my practice and given me insight into alternative methods to use with many more clients that would have generally been unable to have conventional reflexology.    Avril B  

Lynne is an extremely thorough and knowledgeable teacher. She speaks very clearly and explains everything at a pace that lets you think and reflect while she is talking. Her personality is so soothing and comforting, and my only regret is not being able to take her course(s) in person. In saying that, having the opportunity to have done this online was a gift for me, as I am living in Congo at the moment (but based in Norway), and probably wouldn’t have been able to travel to the UK, due to Covid, anyway. As far as I know, there is no-one from Norway that has taken this course, so I feel very honoured to be the first! 🙂 I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity! I absolutely LOVE the concept/theory behind VRT and will for sure use it in my practice. Thank you!    Rosita Lundstol

This course really tuned in to some valuable treatment options that are common sense and easy to use. The Zonal Trigger “bracelets” are a game changer. Thank you Lynne for a very enjoyable course.    Sarah Hoey 

I highly recommend this Online VRT Course to anyone – to those who are new to VRT and to those who have already attended Lynne’s courses in the past, and will benefit from using this Course as a Refresher. The Course is well presented, easy to understand and navigate online. There is a comprehensive written Handout, including detailed diagrams and Hand and Foot Charts.
I would certainly suggest buying both of Lynne’s books – Vertical Reflexology, and Vertical Reflexology for Hands. I have both and frequently use them as a reference guide and for more in-depth information. Lesley Cordery

Lynne’s new Online VRT Technique Course is very comprehensive and easy to navigate, with explanatory videos, tips and quizzes to reinforce what has been learned. Now, when it is less easy to attend in person, this is a useful and worthwhile way to train in VRT without leaving the comfort of your home. T Perry

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