Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT)

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Welcome.  Originator, Lynne Booth,  invites you to take this great opportunity to learn the  powerful, brief Vertical Reflexology techniques by self-paced online learning They integrate well into your classical reflexology sessions with no increase in appointment time. This acclaimed CPD training programme enables you to discover the versatility of VRT which can also be applied to the semi weight-bearing seated feet, the reclining client and the hands as well as the standing feet. Suitable for all ages and conditions. These award-winning techniques  will greatly enhance your practice. See full syllabus below.

Lynne presents 8 plus study hours of step-by-step videos, discussions, narrated PowerPoint presentations, worksheets articles, quizzes and comprehensive Handout. Accredited for CPD with the AoR, RAoA , FHT, Canadian RAC and RABC and US ARBC. VRT has also been recognised internationally by many other  professional reflexology organisations for over 20 years.

Certificate of Attendance issued. Zoom meeting with Lynne Booth on completion. The price is £145. Read full syllabus and details below and book securely online below and you can  begin learning at once. Finish quickly or pace yourself. Revisit the lessons and videos as often as you wish. Full access to the course for 6 months. Discover the versatility of VRT with the short 3 minute introductory video which shows the a wide range of situations for working the hands or feet. Lynne Booth’s best selling book “Vertical  Reflexology” and charts are  on offer to course attendees. Acc

Course Testimonials

“This was a fantastic course, loaded with information & new techniques that were brilliantly relayed on-line”  Jo K
“I’m not a fan of online courses but this one is a must. It’s absolutely changed my approach in reflexology treatments. Effective and powerful techniques. Results from the day one. Thank you!”  Michal Kaspar
Lynne’s VRT Basic and Advanced Course was, hands and feet down, the BEST online I have ever taken! Any reflexologist and their practice will greatly benefit from the techniques you learn. I was able to implement my training immediately and my clients are already experiencing the benefits!    I loved the flow and diversity of types of information from text, to slides to videos and charts and books! This was perfect, kept my attention and interest”!   Amy M 
“Beautifully presented online course with a variety of learning ‘aids’ to help maintain focus. Love the slides and seeing your demonstrations. Clear, instructive, manageable and always placed in a working context, stressing the importance of well being for both client and therapist”Sheila Bryer
“I loved being able to take the VRT Course online. The information was presented in a way that made it so the new techniques could be easily learned and practically integrated into sessions. I enjoyed reading the case studies and listening to the discussions because they really helped me to brainstorm ideas for my own clients. I highly recommend taking this course! It will be a game changer for your sessions!” Elizabeth Corvese

Read more Testimonials here

VRT is not just about standing up as the hands, and seated semi weight-bearing feet can be worked! These profound Basic and Advanced Vertical Reflexology techniques can be immediately integrated into your practice with no increase in appointment time. 

Approved/Accredited for 8 hours CPD/CEU training by: the Association of Reflexologists (AoR), Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), Reflexology Association of Australia (RAA), Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC), Reflexology Association of British Columbia (RABC) and the Reflexology Association of America (RAA).

You are invited to watch this 3 minute video montage which shows examples of the Versatility of VRT. Click  here.

Here are some testimonials from reflexologists who have taken this course plus links some free video and article resources.  Click here.

“Since qualifying 19 years ago, I can honestly say, VRT are the best training courses I have attended to add that extra special something to my reflexology. VRT has played a pivotal role in my practice, with astonishing outcomes. Thank you.” Leonie Pape, MAR.

 I have recently had the privilege of reviewing Lynne Booth’s e-learning programme for basic and advanced Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) techniques. What an incredibly comprehensive and well thought-out programme it is. I love the way she has integrated video, audio, text and quizzes to engage the learner and guide them through the programme. There are also links to some very insightful articles that would prove extremely beneficial to experienced and inexperienced practitioners alike. The wonderful technique that uses the weight-bearing hand and foot in a variety of different ways is both innovative and brilliant. I have been using VRT for many years now and am pleased to say that I wholeheartedly back Lynne’s work and invite you to participate in this wonderful advanced programme of learning. Dr Carol Samuel PhD, FFHT, HMAR T/A Reflexmaster.

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Course Content : equivalent to a 1 day classroom course.  8 hours of study time. See full syllabus below.

Comprehensive VRT/classical treatment combination will be demonstrated and practiced in a series of step-by-step video lessons. Numerous supporting videos, articles, quizzes and comprehensive 23 page Handout. Zoom support Q&A session on completion.

These brief techniques can be worked on the standing, seated or reclining client. Everyone from small children and babies to octogenarians can benefit from receiving VRT.

The Vertical Reflexology best-selling text book is required reading and is on special offer on this page below for £13.00 + postage.  Colour VRT charts (A4 and A2) are optional and on special offer.

This is a post-graduate training course and you are required to have achieved a professional qualification at Level 3 Reflexology Diploma or higher. You must hold a current certificate in Professional and Malpractice Liability. You can contact us by email for further information, if necessary. Click here

VRT Basic and Advanced Online Course review

“A really absorbing, informative and inspirational online course.  I felt as though I was in the room with Lynne and loved her gentle encouragement throughout with a whole range of teaching techniques, worksheets and clear instructions for practical work.
The course guides you from the basic Vertical Reflexology techniques through to the advanced techniques gradually building on your confidence, knowledge and skills. It is really helpful to see the moves so well demonstrated with follow-along videos. The sections on Self-Help techniques and working on the hands are extremely valuable for many reflexologists wishing to offer extra support for their clients.
I was also very appreciative of Lynne’s ideas for adapting techniques for babies, children, older people and less mobile people. Six months access to the course means that you can take it at your own pace and recap on any modules as necessary. And then you can immediately put the techniques into practice. All reflexologists will benefit from taking the online course and so will their clients of all ages and abilities!”
Mary Atkinson, author, tutor, reflexologist. FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year 2020

Course Syllabus - Comprehensive handout included.

  • Learn the Basic 12 VRT Protocol moves which give the core techniques to integrate into your practice. 
  • Discover the versatility of VRT and its development and how to adapt the techniques for your clients needs.
  • Effective Synergistic Reflexology technique where hands and feet are worked simultaneously.
  • Self-help and Diaphragm Rocking techniques for hand and feet will be demonstrated and a comprehensive handout, with charts showing new reflex points on the dorsum will be provided. The handout includes brief guidelines for supporting sub-fertility, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, breathing & joint issues and stress/anxiety.
  • The theory of Zonal Triggers and three-point Synergistic Reflexology will be shown and practiced including the advanced stimulation of the neural pathways using the VRT-Nail working techniques.
  • All VRT techniques can be applied to the hands including the effective “VRT Knuckle Dusting” Technique.
  • Combined Diaphragm-Rocking and Lymphatic stimulation (Dirkx method).
  • Metatarsal Pressure – unique method of combining VRT and the brief working of the plantar. Weight-bearing pressure is exercised using the ball of the foot.
  • Hand Reflexology in weight-bearing position will be briefly demonstrated.
  • Variations of VRT may be used on young babies, small children, older people and immobile clients.
  • At the end of this online course, reflexologists will be immediately able to integrate VRT into their practice.

Course Resources Required

  • VRT Text Book: You are required to obtain the best-selling book ‘Vertical Reflexology’ for feet. It is an extremely useful manual for the course and the future. You can begin your course before the book arrives but it is an important point of reference. It was one of the 20 Daily Telegraph Complementary books of the year when published (190 pages and over 100 illustrations) only £13.00 (RRP £14.99) + Postage. For more details of the book see here (but come back to this page to pay the Online course special price!). Please purchase below. 

If you wish to have the book signed by Lynne Booth please email:, as soon as you place your order, stating the exact name for the dedication.

  • VRT A4 Charts: You are strongly encouraged  to obtain the two A4 coloured card VRT hand and foot charts for consultation during this course and beyond.  £8.00 for 2 ( RRP £12.00) + Postage.  For more details of the charts see here (but come back to this page to pay the special price!)
  • These items must be ordered on the special links below rather than the normal VRT shop pages. Buy the text book and A4 charts together for a further reduction to £20 + Postage. The books are also available on Amazon.
  • VRT A2 Wall Charts are also available if required on offer – see here.
Metatarsal no wheels

Basic and Advanced Fast-Track Online Course

The price of the course is £145 and you have 6 months in which to complete it.   If you have a Voucher Code please enter it as you complete the transaction as directed.

Vertical Reflexology - by Lynne Booth

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2 VRT A4 Charts one for Feet and one for Hands

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