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Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT) are a unique method of weight-bearing reflexology which is briefly applied to the dorsal feet and hands. It was developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 20 years and her accredited classes have been taught to over 8000 reflexologists internationally. The success of VRT resulted in an award from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) for its ‘Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine’ in 2011. To watch FREE training videos for Relieving everyday stress and tension and for help with a Crying baby  plus illustrated instruction sheets scroll down or  click here. For a longer introductory clip of the 60 minute VRT DVD and further details please click here


New Upgraded VRT Day Classes   VRT Basic and Advanced Fast Track , VRT for Pain, Tension and Sleep Issues: with Mobilisation, VRT Endocrine issues including Women’s Health. Click here to book or click on course title for full details.

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5 articles recently published by Lynne Booth  

Reflexology’s supporting role for complex combat injuries  Positive Health Issue 226 February 2016  Read about reflexologist Zoe Warner’s inspiring Therapies4forces charity.Vertical Reflexology and Healthy Aging –  Reflexions December 2015: The western world is experiencing a ‘Silver Tsunami’. Older does not mean infirm! Reflexologists have a positive role to play in helping seniors maintain their health in later life
Reflexology and Dementia; tips for therapist and carer support   Reflexions December 2014: the membership journal of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)
Sport; Touch line reflexology for sports injury  International Therapist Issue 111 Winter 2015: The membership journal of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
Reflexology can help Sleep Issues 
Positive Health Issue 220 February 2015
plus 15 articles by Lynne Booth. Click here for full list.

VRT Newsletter Archive:  a great new reflexology and VRT resource. Hundreds of articles and information now available! Accessible by publication date and by article subject matter.

Testimonials and comments on VRT classes, achievements and comments positive feedback and experiences to share.

Reflexology is an ancient non-intrusive complementary health therapy dating back 5,000 years, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg and hands correspond with different areas of the body. VRT is an acclaimed award-winning newer form of reflexology that has been taught internationally to thousands of practitioners.

The Booth Method of VRT (also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy) is a form of reflexology where the hands or feet are worked in a weight-bearing position for short periods, providing an intensive level of treatment that can aid general well-being, relieve tension in the body and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body. Lynne has also been two awarded Honorary Fellowships from the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and Advanced Reflexology Training (ART) for her services to reflexology.

For information on research and small studies that has been undertaken relating to specific Vertical and other Reflexology conditions, please click here for VRT/Reflexology Research.

Lynne Booth is the Reflexology “Expert Columnist” to the internationally recognised journal Positive Health. Click here to read articles on how reflexology can be applied to support a variety of health situations.

Over 7,000 reflexologists worldwide are currently trained in VRT, having attended authorised VRT Courses, while simple self-help VRT tools can be easily and quickly used for beginners.

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Free videos:

Crying Baby?  –  gentle reflexology techniques to help soothe your infant.

Click here for a free illustrated step-by-step instruction sheet to accompany the video.

Click here for article on Reflexology for Children and Babies by Lynne Booth, regular “Expert Columnist” for Positive Health journal.

Relieving everyday stresses and tensions – Classical & Vertical reflexology calming self-help techniques.

Click here for a free illustrated step-by-step instruction sheet  with specific reflex points indicated to accompany the video.

Click here for article on Reflexology to help with Stress issues by Lynne Booth,  regular “Expert Columnist” for Positive Health journal.