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The names listed on this site are reflexologists who have trained on one or more authorised VRT courses, and are Members of the VRT Network.

This network has been set up to provide a list of VRT trained professional reflexologists who have undertaken post-graduate training in Vertical Reflexology and are regularly updated with new techniques and developments through our organisation.

6. hands on trolley Child-on-knee Fig 1 Working Sympathetic Reflexes

For clients:

If there is no-one listed in your area, please email  giving your name and address including postcode and county.

We can draw from over 7,000 qualified reflexologists in our database who have been trained throughout the UK and internationally in VRT treatments, and will email you the names of other reflexologists in your area who are not members of the Network but are fully trained in VRT.

For reflexologists:

If you are a trained VRT Practitioner, have attended an accredited VRT class and wish to be included on  this list, please go to the VRT Membership page for details of the VRT Membership Network. Once your application has been approved you will be entitled to be entered on these pages and other benefits.

Find a VRT reflexologist by area

Find a Nerve reflexologist by area

Find a Nerve Reflexologist by area