Vertical Reflexology

VRT Membership

Join or renew the VRT Network Membership

See below to sign up If you have attended a VRT authorised one day course, you can become part of the VRT Membership Network for VRT trained reflexologists. This membership addresses the numerous requests from reflexologists who use VRT to be kept updated with new developments, information and real benefits. Members receive reductions in fees for all further VRT courses attended. Regular membership newsletters will also contain ground-breaking articles and correspondence from practitioners plus question and answer sessions. The practitioner lists on the website is dedicated to only listing VRT Network Members. This is very important as, now VRT is so widely recognised, we can refer the public to practitioners who apply VRT in their practice and wish to be recognised as offering this particular skill. Every year we have handled hundreds of requests from the public for VRT practitioners and many of you have also been contacted for appointments via our website.

VRT Membership Benefits

  1. Practitioner Register – only VRT Network Members are listed on our website.
  2. VRT practitioner Register of members provided on request.
  3. Three newsletters a year giving information, letters, news and instruction on new VRT techniques.
  4. £5.00 off any VRT courses once the Basic VRT has been attended.
  5. £15.00 off any VRT course taken for a second time for revision/repeat purposes. Half price offers for refreshers are sometimes available
  6. VRT Membership Network Certificate.
  7. Special offers on VRT books, VRT Wall Charts and VRT DVD.

Annual subscription £20.00 per annum for UK members payable by Standing Order.

Annual subscription £25.00 per annum for UK and international members online (or UK by cheque)

To join or renew the VRT Network Membership, please apply as below:

  • To Pay by Standing Order please print this form Standing Order Form, complete the details and post to the address below.
  • To Pay Online either as a new member or to renew you membership please use the button below.  To subscribe initially to the VRT Network please enter the date of the Basic VRT course you attended. Please also use this button to renew your annual membership. ( You do not need to enter a course date – you may have forgotten it! just enter ‘Repeat’).
    This button will charge you £25.

Enter date of course attended (if known)

  • If you wish to pay initially or renew by cheque, please make your cheque for £25 payable to Booth VRT Limited and post the cheque with your name, address, phone number and email address to:

Booth VRT Ltd, 9 Glenavon Park, Bristol, BS9 1RS, UNITED KINGDOM