Vertical Reflexology

VRT for Pain, Tension and Sleep Issues: with Mobilisation Techniques

Clients of all ages suffer from aches and pains, both chronic and acute, and this class offers reflexologists many new and powerful tools to support the client in reducing pain, easing stress and tensions and aiding mobilisation. The key techniques from the popular Sleep and Mobility classes, which have been taught worldwide, have been revamped and combine with the techniques learned on the Basic and Advanced VRT classes. We also examine the profound and successful new VRT techniques where the limbs or body itself are gently mobilised. These movements are very gentle and can combine working with Referral reflex areas with or without weight-bearing action while simultaneously holding a reflex. This class takes reflexologists to a new level of expertise and includes working with the acclaimed Nerve Reflexology techniques of Nico Pauly on the Sciatic/Hamstring, Psoas and Piriformis reflexes. The VRT “Sleep package” will be taught which offers reflexologists scope for helping their clients to deeply relax during the treatment session but also offers them printed sheets and instructions for self-help support and “homework” between appointments.

This post-graduate class is open to all qualified reflexologists who have previously attended an authorised VRT Basic or VRT Fast Track class and are familiar with the techniques and principles of VRT.

VRT Courses cost in the region of £90-100 per person, per day depending on location and organiser.

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Course Contents

  • Introduction – Development of new Vertical Reflexology Techniques suitable for all ages including sportspersons and older or infirm clients.
  • Enhanced VRT mobilisation techniques for groin strain, working the hip flexors and ankles.
  • Pain and Mobility Techniques – VRT Signaling and Pelvic Balancing
  • New VRT Wrist Twist and Nail Reflexes
  • Self-help – VRT Nail-working
  • Older People – Adaptive Reflexology
  • Special considerations for working with older people
  • VRT “Sleep Package” for hands and feet including advanced Diaphragm Rocking with extras
  • Basic VRT Reminder
  • VRT Harmoniser
  • VRT Illustrated Hand Crib Sheet
  • VRT Illustrated Foot Crib Sheet
  • VRT Crib Sheet revision

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued. Approved by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) (12 CPD points)

VRT has now been taught to over 8000 qualified practitioners in the UK and internationally and is considered by therapists many to be an essential tool for every reflexologist.