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What is Vertical Reflexology?

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Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT) are a unique method of weight-bearing reflexology which is briefly applied to the dorsal feet and hands. It was discovered and developed by Lynne Booth over a period of 27 years and her accredited classes have been taught to over 10,000 reflexologists internationally. This multi-award winning modality, also known as Vertical Reflex Therapy, includes recognition from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM) for its ‘Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine’ in 2011. Lynne has also received Honorary Fellowships and in 2018 was awarded the prestigious ‘Excellence in Reflexology Innovation’ Award by the Association of Reflexologists. This is a peer-group nominated and selected award. VRT complements classical reflexology and provides a profound level of reflexology for all ages that can aid general well-being, relieve tension and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body. Reflexology Innovation’ Award by the Association of Reflexologists. This is a peer-group nominated and selected award. VRT complements classical reflexology and provides profound level of reflexology for all ages that can aid general well-being, relieve tension and bring about a state of relaxation throughout the body.

Lynne Booth

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Lynne discovered VRT while supporting mobility issues associated with older people. She has also developed sports injury and maintenance sessions for elite and amateur sports-persons and works with a Championship football club. Lynne presents and teaches VRT internationally.

Covid-19 notification– the following events are cancelled. VRT classes hope to resume after August 31st 2020 

Lynne is teaching VRT on a Reflexology Managing Pain and Mobility Retreat in the mountains of Southern Spain in April 2020 organised by Equilibrio. Read More

Lynne is teaching VRT and is a keynote speaker at Australian Reflexology Association’s conference in Sydney in October 2020.
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VRT Books, Charts and DVD for sale

VRT products for sale:  include an acclaimed 60 minute DVD, 2 sizes of VRT Hand and Foot charts.  Books: Vertical Reflexology for Hands and best-selling book Vertical Reflexology which, when first published, was one of the 20 Daily Telegraph Complementary Books of the Year.

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Over 10,000 reflexologists worldwide have attended authorised, award-winning VRT Classes.  Simple self-help VRT techniques can be easily and quickly learned by beginners. After one day of teaching you can immediately integrate the techniques into your practice with no increase in treatment times. If you are a qualified reflexologist, and interested in attending VRT accredited classes nationally or internationally, please use the button below to book a class. You can also read the full description for each class content. All classes are accredited by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) for 12 AoR CPD points and are recognised for CPD by other professional bodies including the FHT.

Find a Reflexologist using VRT

If you are interested in experiencing a relaxing full classical reflexology session including VRT, with a qualified reflexologist who has attended a VRT accredited training, please use the button below to locate a practitioner near you.

and Research

15 articles are available, Lynne Booth, writing as an Expert Columnist in the internationally recognised journal, Positive Health. She has written numerous other articles for journals including VRT for Championship Footballers, Tips for working with Dementia clients, Sleep issues, Reflexology and Combat injury and Reflexology and Healthy Ageing.

Newsletter Archive

20 years of VRT Membership Newsletters cover a wide range of reflexology topics including commissioned articles by international renowned therapists . This archive is also catalogued by subject matter. The latest 3 VRT Newsletters are only available to VRT Practitioners who have joined the VRT Network Membership.

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If you have attended an authorised VRT class you may join the VRT Membership Network. Benefits include an entry on the Find a VRT Practitioner page on our website, reduced fees on classes, regular newsletter and occasional exclusive offers.

Gallery - Videos - Interviews

A record of pictures, interviews and infomation about Vertical Reflexology over the years.

by Lynne Booth

Read Lynne’s latest reflexology thoughts.


Gentle reflexology techniques to help soothe your infant.

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Click the button below for article on Reflexology for Children and Babies by Lynne Booth, Positive Health journal.

Relieving Everyday
Stress and Tension

Classical & Vertical reflexology calming self-help techniques.

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Click the button below for article on Reflexology to Help Stress and Anxiety by Lynne Booth, Positive Health journal.

Hand reflexology

Learn a gentle, relaxing 4-minute hand reflexology training session to offer persons living with Dementia. Suitable for therapists, carers and family.

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Help with
Sleep Issues

Learn gentle self-help hand techniques for a 3 minute protocol before sleep. Also techniques for relaxing foot reflexology for sleep.

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Reflexologists do not claim to diagnose , cure or prescribe. Reflexology is a very individual treatment which is tailored to you as a whole person, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your well-being. Reflexology is a safe and non-invasive therapy as no instruments are used, and only the feet and hands are touched. It is suitable for clients of all ages, from young babies to older and infirm persons, and is used to support everyone from professional sports persons to end of life care situations.

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Reflexology is an ancient non-intrusive complementary health therapy dating back 5,000 years, based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg and hands correspond with different areas of the body. Qualified reflexologists are highly trained and work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for their clients. VRT is an acclaimed award-winning newer form of reflexology that is applied to the weight-bearing feet or hands for a few minutes before a conventional reflexology treatment. The VRT practitioner will take your medical history and examine your feet and hands to isolate any problem areas.