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Lynne Working calf muscles in Japan

Vertical Reflex Therapy was discovered and developed in the mid-1990’s by Lynne Booth while working at the St Monica Trust, Bristol, UK. VRT practioners, who have attended Booth VRT authorised courses, are invited to submit VRT research or studies to be published on this website and in the VRT Newsletter.

For several years Lynne Booth has been the Reflexology Expert Columnist for the acclaimed international journal Positive Health.

Read her series of articles on many reflexology health topics on

Articles – Many articles on reflexology and VRT will be uploaded

Free illustrated Home Page Video Instruction sheets, including self-help on:

1. Crying Baby? – Gentle reflexology techniques to help soothe your infant [PDF download]

2. Relieving Everyday Stresses and Tensions  – Classical and Vertical Reflexology calming techniques [PDF download]