Zoom Session Dates for Online VRT Course

This page is only for people who have completed the Online Basic and Advanced Fast Track Course. 

Once you have followed the VRT Basic and Advanced Course and have completed the Final Quiz you should visit the Assignment page.  Please choose up to three dates below, if possible, on which you are available to attend a Zoom session with Lynne. Enter these dates into your assignment lesson in order of preference for submission to Booth VRT Ltd. 

We ask for several dates in case a Zoom session is fully subscribed, or it has to be cancelled for any reason.  Normally your first choice should be available. 

You will then receive a Zoom invitation for your meeting which will be approximately 1 hour.

If there are no times that suit you or you have any other problems with the Zoom session please email

Dates and Time

DayDateTime (24hr)Time ZoneStatus
Friday14th May 202114:00BST (UK)Completed
Sunday23rd May 202119:00BST (UK) Completed
Thursday3rd June 202119:00BST (UK)Completed
Wednesday16th June 202119:00BST (UK)Completed
Thursday1st July 202114:00BST (UK)Completed
Wednesday14th July 202119.00BST (UK)Completed
Monday26th July 202119:00BST(UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Tuesday10th August 202119:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Thursday26th August 202119:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Monday13th September 202114:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Wednesday22nd September 202119:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Tuesday5th October 202119:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Completed
Thursday21st October 202114:00BST (UK) (UTC+1)Places Available
Friday5th November 202109:00GMT (UTC)Places Available
Wednesday17th November 202119:00GMT (UTC)Places Available
Tuesday30th November 202114:00GMT (UTC)Places Available
Thursday16th December 202119:00GMT (UTC)Places Available