DVD Review - Vertical Reflexology
for Hands and Feet by Lynne Booth


Review by Graeme Murray,
Reflexology World, International Journal,Winter 2009.

“This is on DVD you have got to have in our collection, a first class production”.

The DVD starts with a choice of screen size, regular (4.3) or widescreen (16.9) followed by the usual disclaimer.

You then get a choice of six (6) selections:

  1. is an introduction to V.R.T.
  2. is a basic reflex relaxation treatment
  3. is a basic V.R. T for the feet
  4. is V.R.T for the hands
  5. is a complete V.R.T. treatment and summary.

If you start at 1, the numbers and ‘chapters’ run sequentially, or you can just pick a number.

1. The introduction shows Lynne working on different people in a variety of places and situations whilst explaining how V.R.T. was “born”, its benefits and a brief history of reflexology. The includes a diagram o the wall painting in Anhmahor’s tomb which she describes as “appearing to show therapeutic work on the hands and feet” rather than “oh look they’re doing reflexology” as too many reflexologists claim. She also gives a brief outline of the benefits and some contraindications.

2. There are very clear diagrams of the body chart positioned against a human body with the areas of the body highlighted. Referral areas are shown and explained. Thumb and finger walking is described and shown, as well as nail work. Lynne also shows you how to do some relaxers such as ankle loosening, spinal twist etc. all of which are simply but effectively described.

3. Each new section ha an introduction by Lynne, giving an overview of that particular section. In section three (3) Lynne explains the different positions you can work in, saying never to have your client stand on a chair or any raised surface. If you can’t kneel or the person has a foot problem, you can work the weight bearing hands instead. Don’t stimulate an area for any more than 30 seconds at a time. A reflected chart of the areas of the body are shown on top of the foot, for the areas to be worked.

Lynne shows you a basic V.R.T. sequence with each step explained, i.e. the area to be worked and how to work it, and, the effect the working process has on the body. The DVD also incorporates written headings for each area being worked e.g. head, neck and sinus reflexes, this is a useful addition to the dialogue for persons with a hearing difficulty.

4. Advance V.R.T.: Synergistic Reflexology works with the same reflexes in the hands and feet which speeds up the healing response. You can also choose to work three (3) priority reflexes for extra treatment, including what Lynne describes a “Zonal Triggers” which activate the particular zone being worked. Lynne also gives you a full explanation of the fabulous diaphragm rocking, a rhythmic movement of the feet, which is wonderful for insomnia. You can also use it with equal success on the hands.

5. V.R.T. for the hands. This is a very similar sequence that is used on the feet. The hands also have to e weigh bearing, though that can be just having them resting on your thighs. You are shown a sequence that you can safely do on your own hands.

6. This gives you a full V.R.T. session in real time, together with a ‘classical’ reflexology sessions once again showing each V.R.T. movement step by step, with a written headline description of the movement, together with Lynne’s commentary.

The final section of the DVD gives a description of Lynne’s two books “Vertical Reflexology” and “Vertical Reflexology for Hands” together with her courses.

I have seen a few productions like this on reflexology, but this is by far the most professional I have ever seen. If you had never set eyes on any type of reflexology book or didn’t even know what the subject was about, by viewing this DVD you would be able to follow the instructions and explanations quite easily as they are so clear.

The settings too are quite special, some of them are in the “Nursing Home” where Lynne works, others are set outside in the English countryside in Spring, with carpets of bluebells in the background, very, very beautiful.

If you wanted to learn about V.R.T. buying this DVD is certainly the way to do it, as well as having Lynne’s books as a backup for finer detail.


This highly acclaimed DVD was professionally produced and filmed and is one of our best-sellers.