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With the launch of our new VRT website with new free video downloads and VRT product offers in coming weeks, welcome to the Vertical Reflexology blog.

We’ll be using the Vertical Reflexology blog to discuss how reflexology developments can offer holistic support for general health issues, news, research findings around Vertical Reflex Therapy – the unique method of reflexology developed by Lynne Booth two decades ago, which led to a prestigious award from the Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine (ICNM).

Since launching The Booth Method, more than 7,000 reflexologists have been trained worldwide in VRT, having attended accredited VRT Courses, whilst self-help VRT tools can quickly, safely and easily be used by beginners.

Do you or your clients suffer from Cramp in the calf?  Try this simple VRT technique before you go to bed to help  avoid cramp or repeat if  it wakes you  in the night.  This technique is also useful during walking or sports activity.  Method: Place your hand on a hard, flat surface, keep your arm straight and press to make the hand slightly weight-bearing. Pinch and massage gently round the lower part of your arm for up to 60 seconds, just below the elbow. This is the reflexology referral area for the calf. Concentrate on the right arm if the right calf is cramped and vice versa with the left.

To see how calming VRT and reflexology techniques can offer holistic support alongside a number of health issues, including mobility problems, children and babies, sports, health, and its non-intrusive soothing role in supporting people with cancer, read here. Lynne Booth is the Reflexology ‘Expert Columnist’ to the internationally-recognised journal Positive Health.

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