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Using Reflexology with babies

I have found one of the great benefits of using reflexology techniques is the ability to work with everyone, the oldest being 98, and children and babies, with the youngest being 2 days old. Effective reflexology is not age-specific!

And, in recent months, we’ve been seeing more and more successful examples of using reflexology with babies.

One of the most effective reflexology techniques to use with babies is Synergistic Reflexology – when two identical hands and foot reflexes are worked simultaneously.


This reflexology technique is an obvious choice to use when feeding a small baby, as he or she can be cradled in a parent’s arms while one hand makes feather-light strokes on the foot on either stomach or bowel reflexes, while the other hand gently strokes the baby’s palm on the same side of their body.

A baby’s fingers or toes should never be worked, as they are too fragile.

Even a tiny baby can be held so that their feet are briefly weight-bearing for effective reflexology techniques to be used. Babies that are crying or restless can learn to recognize particular types of touch used in reflexology techniques, and they find this form of treatment calming and therapeutic.


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