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Fascinating “workout” example of Adaptive Reflexology and VRT with children

One of the most profoundly rewarding elements of providing Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) and classical reflexology to a client is the sheer range of people we can actually assist in supporting their health issues.  Reflexology can work on many levels to bring about a general sense of well being and relaxation which enables the body to help to heal itself.

For example, as well as working with older clients, professional athletes and people with chronic  infirmity, reflexologists can also treat very young children and babies using Adaptive Reflexology techniques.

Reflexology is a popular choice for parents as it is gentle, non-invasive and yet proves to be powerful, in helping to sooth and relax a young child, as well as helping him to sleep more consistently and for longer. The recent example below shows a Bristol mother and her three-year-old son, Leo, during an Adaptive Reflexology treatment.

VRT particularly lends itself  to adaptive reflexology as it can be applied to the weight-bearing feet as a child wriggles and moves around! Reflexologists have many skills and techniques at their disposal, and these can be applied to the client’s feet (and hands) from a variety of positions, as well as the standard one of reclining in a chair or couch.

Adaptive reflexology is also used extensively in reflexology treatments for people with cancer, and at last stage of life care in hospices, when the client may need to frequently change position to minimise any pain or discomfort.

By making the treatment fun for him, Leo was unaware that he was, in fact, having a good reflexology workout. Elements of the Adaptive Reflexology treatment included:

Synergistic VRT weight-bearing


Synergistic VRT reclining


The Diaphragm Rocking technique for tiny feet



To see more reflexology in action with children, check out this fascinating video complete with detailed instruction sheet, and read the in-depth article on Reflexology for Children and Babies by Lynne Booth written for the influential Positive Health Journal.

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    I’m currently a Reflexologist (ITEC), and am interested in learning the VRT , please may I have information on course costs and location

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