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Nerve Reflexology diploma – techniques that could revolutionise your practice when working with clients in pain.   The full Nerve Reflexology diploma course for supporting clients in pain is coming back to the UK for the sixth time.

AoR CPD accredited with 36 CPD points per 3 day course


Level 1 21st–23rd October 2016 (BRISTOL) Nerve, muscle and organ chains in lumbar and chronic pelvic pain with Nico Pauly and Griet Rondel
Level 2 Date to be announced Nerve, muscle and organ chains in cervical, thoracic, shoulder and arm pain with Nico Pauly
Level 3 Date to be announced Central pain mechanisms and the total NR treatment concept with Nico Pauly

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This diploma is offered to therapists who wish to extend their skills to include specific additional techniques for use in both acute and chronic pain states.
Dysfunction in the movement and organ systems are often correlated and the nervous system plays a central role in this relationship.
Nerve reflexology utilises a specific pressure technique to target and precisely impact various parts of the nervous system.

Griet Rondel and Nico Pauly have a wealth of experience in handling clients in pain. Physiotherapy, their core skill is added to with manual neurotherapy, manual therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, neuro-dynamics, Eastern meridian diagnostics and reflex zone therapy. They will lead you through a step by step process in Neurology and Neurophysiology and combine it with nerve reflexology techniques.

PAYMENT:  Each course level is £360.  You may sign up to level 1 as a stand-alone course or take the whole diploma course including the final examination to become a ‘Qualified Nerve Reflexologist’. A non-refundable deposit of £250 is required at the time of booking for each level.

Please note:  Nerve Reflexology has a highly professional reputation and has always attracted ‘sold out’ classes, with many overseas delegates.  Don’t wait to the last minute to book, as places will fill fast.

To book your place or for further information, please contact Carol Samuel:    Reflexmaster:

Nerve Reflexology Diploma Classes are issued with 36 accredited AoR CPD points per 3 x 3 day weekends

These classes are available to all qualified reflexologists.

Level 1:   Techniques for the lumbar and sacral spine. Specific techniques for treating the bladder, kidneys, intestines and reproductive system will also be taught.

Level 2:  Techniques for the thoracic, lower cervical spine and upper abdominal organs.

Level 3:   Techniques for the studies the brain, ears, eye teeth reflexes and endocrine glands, plus treatment of chronic fatigue and joint issues among others. At the end of the Level 3 weekend the reflexologist will take an optional practical exam (included in the price) which will lead to the presentation of the MNT-NR International certificate “Qualified Nerve Reflexologist”. If you do not wish to take the exam you will be given a certificate of attendance.

See Nico Pauly’s website:

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