Vertical Reflexology

VRT Masterclass Courses

Adaptive reflexology in wheelchairVRT Master Classes are small-scale workshops for no more than six reflexologists at a time. They give the opportunity to focus in-depth on specific areas of VRT practice with the originators of the techniques. See below for VRT Master Classes in:

  • Palliative care issues, older people and dementia issues with Lynne Booth

Cost £105 per person 



A one-day class concentrating on the needs of older people, dementia and palliative care issues for all ages. VRT treatments from all courses will be demonstrated, including specialised training in hand and nail reflexology and VRT. All techniques taught can be adapted for treating all clients.

Course Contents:

  • Special considerations for working with older people.
  • Improvising your techniques on domiciliary visits.
  • Special considerations for working in palliative care situations.
  • Check list and cautions in oncology situations.
  • Sleep and relaxation techniques including self-help techniques for clients and their carers.
  • Balancing the body – using synergistic central thumbnail techniques, specific reflexes and the helper spine.
  • Calming/holding techniques to help breathing and to reduce stress.
  • New Pain and Mobility techniques to address the needs of immobile clients.
  • Working the reflexes synergistically – VRT “fanning” techniques: profound techniques on the metatarsals.
  • Treating the whole body through the thumbnails – with special reference to dementia issues.
  • Working in an adaptive capacity to suit the changing needs of oncology clients.

Lunch is included in the price and towels, cushions, foot cream and wipes are provided.

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued. Approved by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) (12 CPD points)


A certificate of attendance will be issued.

This course is not currently scheduled

Click here to book another VRT Course.   Please note these are occasional specialist classes and are only intermittently available.